Passive Income Ideas for Free Spirits and Creative Types

Passive income for artists and creative types

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Creative-types need freedom to survive and the 9-5  lifestyle can be torturous to the wild untamed spirit so if you're looking for a way to earn extra money while continuing to be your own boss, below are a few unique ways you can use your endless creativity to increase your income with little to no startup cost while you relax and continue to be you.

Sell Digital Files on Etsy 

Etsy is a massive online marketplace for all things handmade and this includes artwork that can be bought, downloaded, and printed by the buyer. No printing, packaging, or shipping is required on your end, and the number of prints you can sell is unlimited. The top digital print sellers sell their art for around $5-$7 and offer their files in various sizes that can be printed off in common photo print sizes like 8x11 and 11x14. I know $5-$7 doesn't sound like a lot, but it can really add up!  You can also sell designs and art to be used for custom printing projects, photo editing, and websites.

My prints, can be found on Etsy!

List Your Place On Airbnb

Do you have a sweet bohemian pad? Rent it out through Airbnb while you're away! In case you're unfamiliar, Airbnb is an online vacation rental marketplace where people list their homes to be rented out for lodging. People love the bohemian aesthetic and your eclectic home will be a wonderful addition to any travelers adventure. If you're looking for how to get started, check out this book here.

Passive income for artists and creatives.  Bohemian lifestyle blog. How to be a bohemian. What is bohemianism.

Affiliate Marketing/ Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer might sound a little corny and trendy, and affiliate marketing might sound kind of scary, but it's not that bad! All you have to do is partner with your favorite businesses that have affiliate programs, share links to their products on your blog, website, or social media, and earn commission from sales and/or sign ups. The cool part about this is, oftentimes the companies you partner with will send you FREE items if you ask so you can show your followers the products in real life. This makes sales much easier than just sharing a plain image from the company's website. This is ideal for people who already have a pretty decent social media following and/or web traffic but if you don't, there are plenty of resources that can help you learn how to increase your exposure. There are tons of online businesses who have affiliate programs you can join right now! Even Amazon has an affiliate program! A third of my monthly earnings come from it! 

Passive income for artists and creatives. Bohemian lifestyle blog. How to be a bohemian. What is bohemianism.

And about the whole becoming an influencer part: it's all about what YOU want to do. You don't have to promote anything you don't want and you don't have to be fake. Just be your unique authentic self and work with companies that best match your lifestyle. To get a jump start on affiliate marketing, consider signing up with ShareASale, an affiliate marketing network site that makes finding businesses to partner with a breeze! See what I did there? That hyperlinked "ShareASale" is an affiliate link. When you sign up for ShareASale using my link, I'll get a little money! It's that simple. Now, for real, go sign up... please...

But wait, how is this passive income? This seems like a lot of work! Let's say a person clicks on an affiliate link from a blog post you made last year and buys the product - you will still earn money from the sale and you will continue to do for every purchase after that until the business you partnered with closes its affiliate program, goes out of business, or the product sells out. 

Turn Your Attic or Basement Into an Apartment

Ah, who wouldn't want to have a cool roommate like you? But if you're more of a private person and don't feel comfortable with having a total stranger roaming about your personal sanctuary, consider turning your basement or attic  into a little apartment to rent out. Invest in sprucing it up and maybe even furnishing it to up the value. If you're really not into the whole "being a landlord" gig, you can reduce your responsibilities by renting it out to be used as a studio for artists or an office space.

Passive income for artists and creative.

Self-Publish Your Literature 

Tell your personal story, write a manifesto, share your wisdom, your poetry... anything! Self publishing is simple, and in this electronic age of convenience and instant gratification, people are buying eBooks more than ever before. All you have to do is write, upload your work, and promote yourself. The publisher will take care of the rest. They also offer a print-on-demand service if you want your book to be in print. Click HERE to learn more about Amazon's self-publishing service.

Passive income for artists and creative.

Selling Stock Photos

Point, click, and sell! If you're handy with a camera, then selling stock images will be a great opportunity for you to make some extra cash. Stock image sites are always looking for new, unique, high quality photos to add to their repertoire. I use a lot of stock images in my posts, and I can say for certain, finding photos of authentic bohemian lifestyle, boho homes, and fashion isn't very easy. Help contribute to the lack of bohemian representation by joining a stock photo site today! 

Passive income for artists and creatives. Bohemian lifestyle blog. How to be a bohemian. What is bohemianism.

Sell Your Art on a Print-on-Demand Site

Would you like to see your art as more than just framed prints? There are several sites that will print your original art on all kinds of items including shirts, dresses, leggings, cups, bedding, stickers, hoodies, clocks, pillows, journals, wrapping paper, towels, and more! Just upload your art (or photography) and select what you want your design to be printed on. You don't have to ship anything! The company will take care of that for you. A few great sites for this are TeeSpring, Redbubble, Café Press, and Society6.

Passive income for artists and creative.
My design on Redbubble

Which idea best matches your lifestyle? Let me know in a comment below!

Passive Income Ideas for Free Spirits and Creative Types

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