10 Random Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

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Every now and then I like to swoop down from my sparkling cloud of bloggery and walk among the common folk to talk about how awesome I am. Tee hee. Beholdeth! I am the goddess of sarcasm. 

Nah, out of all seriousness I came across another blogger's post that was something like "25 things you don't know about me" or something like that and I thought it looked like a really fun idea to try. And now I get to open up to my readers more about my personal life. But I'm only going to do 10 things because I'm a pretty wordy writer.
So, here we go. 10 things you probably don't know about your dear ol' bohemian mama.

► I have a large port wine stain birthmark on the back of my left thigh, in the bend of my knee, and on the side of my left foot. 
The strange part is that it didn't start developing until I was a little girl. I wasn't born with it. It just randomly started developing and gradually became darker and bigger as I got older.

► I don't go to the cinema.
The last time I went to the theater was to see The Lion King remake. The only reason I went to that is because I wanted my children to have their first cinema experience, I really wanted to see The Lion King because it was my favorite movie growing up, and I wanted to share that experience with them. That was my first time at the cinema in about 10 years. So why don't I go to the movie theater? 
•I am a multitasking addict. I can't sit and do just one thing. I need to be doing something else like drawing, or mending clothes, or something. Kind of hard to do in a movie theater.
•Also it's expensive. I am a little bit of a cheapskate and I would rather spend my money on a more unique experience.

Quirky Bohemian Mama | Bohemian Blogger. Bohemian lifestyle. Afro boho. African american bohemian.

► I'm not a well-travelled person.
That sounds pretty un-bohemian, I know, but I have a reason. Growing up, my family didn't travel at all so it's not in me to want to venture far. Well, we did go to South Padre Island for vacation once and went right over the border to Mexico, but that's about it. When me and my husband first got married we were struggling really bad financially so traveling was definitely out of the picture. Then we had children pretty early into our marriage and we were still struggling, so traveling was definitely a no-go then. We're saving up for a house right now, so we're just sticking to small road trips every now and then until we can get settled and stable enough to be more adventurous.

Quirky Bohemian Mama | Bohemian Blogger. Bohemian lifestyle. Afro boho. African american bohemian.

► I'm a night owl.
I can't even remember the last time I went to bed before  midnight. I go to bed around 2- 4am and I wake up between 9:30-11am. I enjoy night time, I feel the most alive when it's dark and quiet. When everyone is asleep, I'm free to continue working on my blog without interruptions. 

► I homeschool my kids.
Quirky Bohemian Mama | Bohemian Blogger. Bohemian lifestyle. Afro boho. African american bohemian.
Homeschooling isn't entirely my choice. My husband is extremely against public school, and I
completely understand why. Public school is a very flawed system that is in desperate need of reformation. One of the perks of homeschooling is I can work from home which is great for me because I have an anxiety disorder that makes working in public with co-workers very difficult.

► I don't watch a lot of TV.
Our TV stays off for most of the day until it's time for the kids to go to bed. I don't keep up with television shows. We don't do Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon, or any of that other stuff. I've never seen Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, etc. I'm just not interested. But sometimes, when the kids have gone to bed I get to watch recorded episodes of Family Guy. I looooove that show! The humor is right up my alley! 

► I love to vacuum.
I know it sounds strange, but sometimes I like to wait until the floor is really dirty just so I can have the satisfaction of cleaning it and seeing the difference.

► I have a terrible phobia of snakes.
I'm not afraid of snakes. What I'm afraid of is seeing them. Seeing a snake triggers something inside me that I just don't understand, and I can't control it. I've even thrown books as a reflex because I stumbled across a photo of a snake. I used to like to collect Ripley's Believe It or Not books, and my husband would have to go through and mark out all of the snakes with a black permanent marker so I could get through the book without throwing it. LOL! It's something about the way they look and the way they move that just makes my body go into to mini-shock whenever I see them.

► I'm not afraid of clowns.
Speaking of phobias, I'm not afraid of clowns at all. In fact I love clowns and I was even considering becoming one last year as a side job. I love dressing up in bright colors and entertaining people and I think it would be so fun to make balloon animals, and make children laugh their bums off with my silly humor and funny gags. There are a million things that I want to be and 'clown' hasn't been marked off my list yet!

Quirky Bohemian Mama | Bohemian Blogger. Bohemian lifestyle. Afro boho. African american bohemian.

► I spent half my childhood in the suburbs, and the other half on a farm in one of the tiniest rural towns in Texas. 
When my mother remarried, she married a super country guy.  I traded in bicycles and rollerblades for three-wheelers and BB guns. I adapted to rural life as if I'd been living that way forever. We had cows, chickens, and pigs. Most of our food was grown at home and my stepfather hunted and fished for a huge portion of the meat we ate. As an adult, I prefer a 50/50 split of that lifestyle. I want to live in the city, but not a huge bustling city like New York or anything like that. I want to live in a big city but with lots and lots of land for homesteading. The town I lived in only had about 40 people, so I went to school in the next town over. The only thing the town had was a tiny convenience store, and a post office which was a single-wide mobile home. Don't believe me?  This is the post office in the photo below!

Image result for kildare texas | Kildare, TX post office

And there you go! You just learned a little bit more about yours truly! Do We have anything in common? Let me know in a comment below!


  1. I'm with you on the snake thing. Also have it with spiders. It's seeing them that does it. Well said!


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