Why You Rarely See Me On My Blog

About Quirky Bohemian Mama. Bohemian lifestyle blog.

This so-called "Quirky Bohemian Mama". Where does she live? What does her house look like? Where the heck is she???  What does she wear? What does she eat? We wanna see some bohemian living!

Well, I'd like to share all of that with you but I've got a few teensey weensie obstacles that are standing in the way of me sharing more if my personal life on my blog.

I'm not shy. I'm not hiding anything... I'm just not really living my best life right now and I don't have much to share about... me. I know that sounds kind of dramatic but it's not as bad as it sounds.

For starters, let me explain why you never see my home featured on my blog.

Me and my family live with my mom and stepdad.
My parents' supernormal home.
Say WHAT??? Yeah. Me, my husband, and my two kiddos are living with my parents so we can save up money to get a house and move to another town. We've decided to rent instead of buying so hopefully we'll be able to find a house soon and move on to more room and freedom (and privacy!).

The room we're staying in isn't bohemian at all and neither is the rest of the house. It's just a normal house that doesn't express my style at all so I try to keep it out of photos as much as possible. We all stay in one very large studio type room that has almost everything we all need in it except for a bathroom. Since we literally live out of this room and I work in this room, organization is very hard to maintain so our room really isn't the best scene for photos.

We've been here a year and before that, we lived in a mobile home. The mobile home was wonderfully decorated with all kinds of amazing vintage and ethnic items but the lighting in there was terrible and my photography skills are basically nonexistent - so I didn't do many photos of that home either. So, I wait until we go out to take photos of what we're doing and wearing and I post all that on Instagram since I don't feel some of that stuff is worth blogging about.

I had (er...have) another blog called (These Are) Modern Colors. Modern Colors is my personal blog where I share my outfits and what's happening in my life. Me and my husband really needed more money coming in so I went on blogging hiatus there so I could focus on this blog and my social media management service.

Quirky Bohemian Mama was originally so I could do product reviews, sponsored posts, and share frugal living tips and life hacks only. I directed readers to Modern Colors if they wanted to know more about me personally. So basically, I'm still in "See my other blog if you want more info about me" mode.

I don't get out much.
I'm a homebody AND I have an anxiety disorder that affects my driving... sooooo, I don't get out much. When I do go out (to have fun, not just running errands), it's usually with my husband and kids on Saturdays. We like to go to festivals and explore museums, restaurants, and thrift stores.

About Quirky Bohemian Mama. Bohemian lifestyle blog.

My clothes and accessories are in storage.
I would love to share my outfits and accessories on my blog but the majority of my wardrobe is in storage! We came to my parent's house thinking we would be here for just a couple months and I knew we wouldn't have much space with all of us in one room so I only brought a few outfits.

I can't do a lot of shopping for new clothes because I have nowhere to put them, and we're saving money so my wardrobe is pretty limited! I try to mix and match my limited wardrobe to create new looks the best I can but I end up having to repeat a lot of outfits so... yeah, not much to feature there. If I do manage to get a new dress or jewelry or something, I'll share it on Instagram.

About Quirky Bohemian Mama. Bohemian lifestyle blog.

I'm busy.
I'm a freelance social media manager, affiliate marketer, homeschooling mom, and a semi-pro blogger. A lot of my time is spent in front of my computer. When we're doing school, I'll give the kids their assignments and then I'll go back to work on my computer while they work. I'm usually on the computer while I wait for food to cook, I'm promoting my blog and services on my phone while I'm in the bathroom, ets. I don't stop working. In fact, right now, everyone is asleep, it's 1:25 am and I'm still working. After I finish this post blog,  I have some things to do on my social media management Facebook page then I'll probably go to be at around 3 am and wake up at around 10 am and do it all over again.

About Quirky Bohemian Mama. Bohemian lifestyle blog.

Will I be seen on my blog in the future?
When we move into our new home, my plan is to blog mostly about me and my family. I will still do the gift guides and whatnot, but I mostly want to share with you the fun we have in our colorful little world. I also have plans to resurrect our YouTube channel that survived about.... oh.... one day. Until then, I humbly present to you all that I am currently able to do.

I sincerely hope you appreciate the effort I have put into making this a one-stop "all things bohemian" blog. It will get better. Just wait and see!

About Quirky Bohemian Mama. Bohemian lifestyle blog.

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