12 Perfect Pizza and Wine Pairings {National Pizza Party Day May 17th}

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Guest Post by Kitchen Cabinet Kings

May 17th is National Pizza Party Day!
It’s safe to say that nearly everyone loves pizza. Whether you’re a purist who makes their own dough, or someone who doesn’t mind spending a little dough on delivery, there’s nothing like enjoying a nice cheesy slice. Bohemians are known for their love of delicious food and wine - so it’s only natural that you should pair them up! The right pairing will enhance the subtle flavors in both your pizza and wine. Try pairing the sauce, toppings and cheeses to get the best results! To get started, grab your favorite pizza, pop a few corks and let your senses guide you. Or to try out already proven flavor combinations, check out this pizza and wine pairing guide.

pizza and wine pairing guide

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