Save Over $400 a Month by Dropping by These 7 Money Draining Habits

How to save money fast on a low income. How save money. How to stop spending money. How to stop spending money on unnecessary things.

Save money | How to stop spending money

Are you trying to get out of debt? Saving up for a wedding? A new baby? A vacation? An emergency fund? Your very own Batmobile? Well check out these 7 money draining habits to kick to the curb so you can reach your financial goal FASTER!

▲Going out to eat
"Ugh, I've had a rough day. I don't wanna cook anything. Let's just go out." "Billy got an A+ on his test! Let's go out for pizza!" "It's our sixth month anniversary! Let's go for sushi!" Sound familiar? People will look for any excuse to avoid cooking - and who am I to judge? It's easier and often times just plain delicious, but dining out here and there can really start to add up. Even if you go out to eat just once a week alone, that can add up to be about $40 or more at the end of the month.

▲Going to the cinema
There's really no need to rush to the theater to see every single big flick that come through, because guess what? It's going to be in the Redbox or on Netflix in just a few short months anyway. So, be patient and you'll be able to enjoy that blockbuster in the comfort of your own home in no time.

▲Fancy coffee drinks
There's nothing like a yummy mocha in the morning or a frappuccino on the way home from work but the cost of those drinks really add up at the end of the month. If you buy a specialty coffee everyone morning before work, five days a weeks, that can add up to be about $60 a month... that's $720 a year! Woah! Instead of buying, try brewing your own coffee at home, jazz it up with some tasty flavored creamer and take it along with you in a travel mug.

Not only will quitting save you tons of money a month, it'll save you thousands in the long run! AND it's a very good thing to do for yourself. If you smoke a pack a day at $7 a pack every day for a month that equals to $210 a month... $2,520 A YEAR! Need help? Click HERE.

▲ Buying DVDs, Books and video/computer games
There are ways to get your film, reading and gaming fix without spending a dime. Instead of buying, borrow these items from the library or friends and family. There are also tons of free e-books, online games and movies available online!

▲Professional haircuts and coloring
 Looking great makes us feel great but it comes at a price. So instead of spending $100 a month on haircuts, stylings and colorings, try having an experienced friend do it or do it yourself. Haircuts are tricky but dying your own hair at home is easier than you think!

▲Experimenting with beauty products
 "There's a new shampoo at Target that'll make your hair grow six inches in a week!" "There's a new aftershave that'll make my husband smell like cinnamon rolls!" Ok, I'm not sure if these products exist, but they sound great. We're always so tempted to buy them ASAP because they sound SO wonderful and promising, but these seemingly harmless purchases on new makeup, shampoos, lotions and perfumes every month can really add up as well! It's best to just stick with what you have for now and experiment later.

How to save money fast on a low income. How save money. How to stop spending money. How to stop spending money on unnecessary things.

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  1. These are great tips... Thank you so much... I really love your blog. <3 xoxoxo


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