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Is it a boy? Is it a girl?
You won't know until he or she gets here! 
If you're pregnant and a little bit on the hippie side, then there's a great possibility you have a midwife and aren't getting any ultrasounds. Therefore, you don't know the gender of your baby.

 I know firsthand that waiting until birth to find out the gender of your baby can be both super exciting and super frustrating. There's the incessant questioning about why you're not finding out and rounding up gender neutral baby gear isn't always the easiest task; especially if this is your first kid and everyone has confused you with the old "just buy everything in green and yellow" bit. 
(My blog post, 10 Bold Gender Neutral Baby Colors, might help you with that by they way.)
When I was pregnant with my first kiddo, my husband and I were bumping heads horribly on picking out a boy and a girl name.  To solve the issue, I decided we pick out a, earthy gender neutral first name with a gender specific middle name. That way we only needed to come up with two middle names instead of four names total (two firsts and two middles). This cut our arguing time in half and we finally settled on names in about an hour or two.
Whether this is the case for you or not, here are 100 gender neutral hippie inspired names to choose from that will save you time and stress. Enjoy!


Aquarius, Arrow, Aspen

Barley, Basil, Bay, Blue, Burgundy

Cass, Cedar (my daughter's name), Chance, Citron, Clay, Clove, Comet, Cosmic, Cove

Dale, Dali, Dancer, Dharma, Dreamer

Earth, East, Echo

Feather, Finch, Flight, Flow, Forest, Free, Freedom


Harper, Honor, Hugo


Jay, Journey

Karma, Kodak

Land, Leaf, Lennon, Light, Limerick, Linden, Lore, Lyric

Marley, Moon, Morning

Nebula, North, Nova

Oak, Ocean, Om, Orient, Orlando

Patchouli, Peace, Peaceful, Phoenix, Piper, Poem, Prism


Rain, Rebel, Red, Rigby, River (my son's name)

Saffron, Sage, Shade, Shadow, Sky, Smile, Solar, Soul, Spirit, Starr, Stone, Storm, Story, Sunny, 

Traveler, True, Truth


Wander, West, Wheat, Wind, Woodland


Zen, Zest, Ziggy


Which name is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below!

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If you don't like the names, feel free to not say anything at all -  and remember, these names aren't for everyone and just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean they're bad. It's all a matter of preference.

For more info please check out my post "3 Reasons Why Weird Baby Names are OK".

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  1. We're currently trying to pick a interesting and unique name. We've found loads that we love but they just aren't 'right' for us. Our last name begins with Z, so we're really trying to find some funky Z beginning names. Thank you for the inspo! x


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