30+ Ways to Make Your Life Less Boring

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Tired of doing the same ol' boring thing every darn day?
Wake up. Get dressed. Go to work. Eat lunch. Go back to work. Get off from work. Go home. Eat dinner. Watch Netflix. Go to sleep. Wake up. Get dressed...

Are routine and predictability draining the life out of you?
Wake up. Get dressed. Get the kids ready for school. Take them to school. Go home. Clean. Pick the kids up from school. Go home. Cook dinner. Help with homework. Get the kids ready for bed. Go to bed. Wake up. Get dressed. Get the kids ready for school...

Most adults are creatures of habit. Not from lack of zeal and inspiration but because we fall into patterns and routines that keep our lives organized and chaos-free. 
But after a while, we become bored with doing the same things over and over and that can lead to discontentment and even depression. That depression can send you spiraling into the vicious cycle - I'm depressed because my life is boring; my life is boring because I'm depressed.
Below are unique activities you can try every day that will shake your life up a little bit without turning your world completely upside down.

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1. Sleep on the other side of your bed, or sleep with your head at the foot of the bed. This is a great way to kick off your journey!

2. Eat with your non-dominant hand every now and then.

3. Rearrange your furniture.

4. Remodel or spruce up a room. If a complete overhaul is not needed or is too costly for you, try hanging up some art or painting the walls a different color.

5. Frequently enter contests, sweepstakes, and competitions.

6. Join a club or organization.  Hippies for Trump just might be for you! (I'm not sure if that's a real club. I just made that up. Too scared to check if it's real or not.)

7. Cut and/or color your hair to look dramatically different.

8. Host a few "just because" parties throughout the year.

9. Take a different route to work/school.

10. Dress the way YOU want to dress. If you want to wear a baseball uniform to the mall then go for it! If you want to dress gothy to go to Walmart because it makes you feel like dying, then by all means...

11. Get a unique pet like a hedgehog, tortoise, parrot, snake, etc.

12. Get a new hobby. Try your hand at woodworking, hiking, calligraphy, tap dance, roller skating, etc.

13. Never miss a community festival, no matter how big, small or weird it is.

14. Get into a new TV or book series.

15. Hang out somewhere else. You know that coffee shop you go to every Thursday? Yeah, try a different one.

16. Read biographies and about unusual famous people.

17. Join a new social media site. Connect with other people on less popular sites like Ello and Bebo. (Did you know MySpace is still a thing??).

18. Discover a new genre of music. There's SO much more out there than just rap, rock, R&B, country, and pop. Explore Pandora and Spotify for new genres or check out this list here. I'm super in love with gypsy rock and Turkish pop music! <<TRUTH

19. Get fancy! Start putting more effort into your appearance. Dress like you're always headed somewhere special.

20. Never order the same meal twice at a restaurant.

21. Switch gym memberships, walking/running trail, daily exercise routine.

22. Shop at a different grocery store.

23. Change your scent. Get a new perfume, cologne, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.

24. Take a different mode of transportation to places you frequent.

25. Make every date completely different from the last. Looking for some fun ideas? Check out my post 20 Affordable, Hilarious and Quirky Date Ideas for Adults.

26. Listen to a different radio station.

27. Start a dating profile (um, only if you're single). Dating websites are fun! It's like shopping online for a new love interest.

28. Get a different job. Unemployed? Get a job! Retired? Volunteer!

29. Travel -  even if it's just to the next city over. Get out of town and explore!

30. Talk to strangers and make new friends or hang-out buddies.

31. Spice things up in the bedroom. Try out some sexy gizmos and different positions.

32. Move. Switch rooms with your roommate, move to a different apartment in the same complex, get a new house, move across town, etc.

33. Take baths instead of showers or showers instead of baths.

34. Brighten up your wardrobe, especially if you're in a suit and tie corporate kind of job. Guys, get a lime green bow tie or some red polka dot socks. Ladies get some sparkly glitter heels or a sunny yellow dress. Even little pops of color can brighten your day and perhaps someone else's!

35. Become a tutor or teach a class. Are you an expert in a particular subject or skill? Share it with everyone! Contact your local city community center or college to see if you meet the criteria for teaching a class.

36. Trade in your vehicle for something completely different in a totally different color (something still suited to your lifestyle of course).

37. Breakup. Are you in a romantic relationship that's headed nowhere?  You're both sick to death of each other and things are just dragging on and on? Call it quits.

38. Spruce up and decorate your work-space. Bring photos from home, souvenirs and other fun trinkets to revamp your office or cubicle.

39. Focus on being a super nice person. Give compliments, pick up the tab, open doors - go above and beyond to be a sweetie.

40. Be a "yes-man". Say yes to (almost) everything!
Granny: Would you like to come with me to feed my llamas?
You: Yes!
Granny: And then afterward, perhaps you would like to join me for bingo?
You: Yes!
Granny: And then you can help me shave your grandfather's back?
You: No.

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