How to Have a Great Low Budget Easter {frugal living, Easter}

How to Have a Great Low Budget Easter {frugal living, Easter}. Broke during Easter.

Whether you're facing Easter during tough times or simply just looking for a more frugal way to celebrate this beautiful holiday, here are a few tips to keep you financially sound and sane this season - and the next!


Little girls wear adorable fluffy dresses, little boys and men get snazzy new suits and you finally get to treat yourself to a new dress! There's nothing wrong with sticking to the tradition of getting fresh new clothes just for Easter but if you're on a tight budget, try this instead:

▲Shop thrift stores and accept hand-me-down for super cute dresses, suits, vests and hats.

▲Resist the temptation to get clothing from Easter themed sections. They're often times marked up just because they're specifically made for Easter! You can find great clothing in lovely floral prints and pretty pastels right from the clearance rack.

▲Borrow nice clothing from friends and family members. Hey, it's free and you won't be faced with a closet full of clothing your family might never get to wear again.

▲ Only get special Easter clothing for the children and wear what you already have. Make your outfit Easter worthy by sticking with soft colors and floral prints.

▲If money is super tight, just simply spruce up what your family already has. Accessorize with hats, a fascinator or a scarf for yourself, frilly socks for girls, and a vest and tie for the guys.


Giving gifts and baskets on Easter is fun and adds a little bit of whimsy to a very special day so here are a few ways you can treat your little ones without going broke:

▲Save time and money by getting pre-made Easter baskets at a dollar store. They're cute, they're very affordable and filled with just the right amount of goodies.

▲Pass on the basket altogether and buy a stuffed bunny or teddy bear instead. These will keep children entertained for years, versus a basket which will have their interest for maybe a couple of days.

If you're making your own baskets:
▲Save money by not getting candy. Trust me, there'll be plenty of candy to be had at church, at Grandma's house and eggs hunts.

▲Build baskets from items found only at $1 stores. For just $6 you can get a basket, filler grass, a coloring book, crayons, a stuffed bunny and two small toys!

▲Use lots of Easter grass so that baskets look fuller.

A personal NOTE from the author:
Do NOT buy baby chickens, rabbits or other live animals as Easter gifts if you're not one-hundred percent sure you can commit to caring for them. Animals are NOT toys. They are living beings that need lots of love and attention.


Whether you're hosting dinner yourself or just pitching in, here are some ways to save money in the kitchen on Easter Day:

▲If you're hosting Easter dinner in your home, go for potluck style and have everyone bring a dish. Not only will this save you money, but time and stress as well!

▲If you want to provide all the food, plan your menu around grocery store sales and specials. There should be plenty going on around this time.

▲Dye eggs using what you already have in the home. Check out these DIY egg dying tutorials:
With coffee, teas and spices - link
With Kool-Aid - link
With fruit and vegetable juice - link
With Jello - link
With food coloring - link

▲Don't let eggs go to waste! Try making something yummy from them like deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches. Find more leftover boiled egg ides from Martha Stewart here.


Save time and money for next year, by buying Easter items AFTER Easter.
This can be kind of tricky and your timing has to be perfect on this because if you shop too soon after Easter, the items won't be marked down as low as they can go but if you wait too long, there'll be nothing left. So wait 2-3 days after Easter and items should still be plentiful and marked down upwards of 80% off!!

How to Have a Great Low Budget Easter {frugal living, Easter}. Broke during Easter.
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