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Old Fashioned Etiquette for Entertaining House Guests + $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY

How to entertain house guests the old fashioned way. review. How to be a good hostess. Old Fashioned Etiquette for Entertaining House Guests + $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.

I'll admit: I am one of the worst hostesses on the planet. I wasn't taught how to take care of house guests and as a kid and I was usually hiding away in my room whenever company came over so I rarely got to see how my mother and father entertained.

Today, I know what I should do when guests come over but I don't remember until after they leave and I feel like such a jerk afterward!

Don't be like me, folks.  Let's do better. Let's turn good entertaining etiquette and manners into deep-rooted habits that can be passed down to future ladies and gentlemen for generations to come. 

So, whether they're just popping in for a quick chat or staying for dinner, here are some old-fashioned ways to respect and honor your house guests.

►Before Your Guests Arrive

Clean your home, especially your bathroom. A slightly untidy home is pretty acceptable these days because we're all weird and busy and stressed out all the time, but a poo-smeared toilet bowl will always be a classic no-no.

Put on some decent clothes. You don't have to put on your Sunday best, but putting some effort into your appearance is a way of showing your guests that you are appreciative for their visit and that they are worth changing out of pajama pants for. (I'm not very good at this one.)

If your guests are coming over for a meal, make sure the food is already cooked or at least prepped to be cooked so your guests don't have to wait too long.

Not everyone likes animals, some people are terrified of them and some are allergic so put your dogs and cats away and clean up as much of their fur as possible off the furniture.

How to entertain house guests the old fashioned way. review. How to be a good hostess. Old Fashioned Etiquette for Entertaining House Guests + $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.

►As Soon as Your Guests Arrive

If your guests arrive with their hands full, take items from them immediately and ask where they'd like for you to put it.

Turn off the TV and give your guests your full attention!

Always help an elderly, pregnant or disabled person remove their coat, escort them to a comfortable seat, and tend to their needs first.

If there are other people already in your home (family or guests), everyone needs to focus their attention on the new arrival. In a more formal setting, they should stand and remain standing until everyone has made their acquaintance.

Place guest's personal belongings away from the entertaining area in a safe, but easy-to-access location like your bedroom or laundry room.

Offer them a seat. Some people still wait to be seated in a person's home so make sure to pay attention if they're still standing long after you've moved on to something else.

Men (especially the host) should always offer his seat to a lady if seating is sparse.

How to entertain house guests the old fashioned way. review. How to be a good hostess. Old Fashioned Etiquette for Entertaining House Guests + $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.

►Settling In

Offer your guests something to drink. Serve it to them in a nice glass, not one of your kids plastic Batman cups.

If your guests are over for a meal, always have something for them to snack on while they wait for dinner to finish.

Always ask your guests how they are doing and what they've been up to before striking up any other conversation.

Keep an eye on your guest's drinks and offer them a refill when they're low. This is one of my biggest struggles... that is if I can even remember to give them a drink in the first place...😡

Unless you're a 13-year-old at a slumber party, then stay off your stinkin' phone! Texting, checking Facebook and playing games on your phone while you have company so dang rude. Also, if you stay off your phone and pay attention to your guests, your guests are more likely to stay off theirs and pay attention to you.

Unless it's extremely important, do not allow your children to interrupt adult conversion. It's annoying and it promotes bad manners.

Chill out. Don't stress yourself out trying to keep your guests entertained with games and movies and other activities. Sometimes just relaxing and chatting is all a person needs to feel welcome and fulfilled.

How to entertain house guests the old fashioned way. review. How to be a good hostess. Old Fashioned Etiquette for Entertaining House Guests + $100 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.

So tell me:
Are you the hostess with the mostess? 
Or could your house guest entertaining use a little work like me?
Let me know in a comment below!

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