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6 Easy Ways to Get FREE Clothes for Your Kids

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Buying clothes for your kids can get pretty darn expensive but it doesn't have to be! In fact, it doesn't have to cost a thing! Below are six ways you can get free clothing for your children.

▲Sell Your Kid's Clothing at a Consignment Shop
My town has several consignment shops that are just for kids clothes and I'm willing to bet your town is the same. Take your kid's gently used unwanted clothes to your local consignment shop and use the money you make from the sales to buy more clothes! If your town doesn't have a kid's consignment shop, there are a few online consignment stores you can send you clothes to.

▲Take Advantage of Referral Programs
Many online stores will reward you with store credit for getting your friends to join the site as well. (rewards temporarily unlivable) and ThreadUp both have a HUGE selection of kid's clothes and getting store credit for those shops plus some will guarantee you'll get free clothes for a long time! If you like that idea then you you might like this post: 25 Online Companies with Referral Programs that Pay Out Big Time.

I'd say about 80% of  my kid's clothes are hand-me-downs. To be honest, I used to hate getting hand-me-downs because I'm so picky about my kid's fashion but then I realized that I didn't HAVE to keep every single thing that was given to us. Just pick out what you like and give the rest away to someone else who needs them. If no hand-me-downs are coming your way, then ask for some. Your Facebook account is a great way to reach dozens of your own friends and family who might have tons of their kid's old clothes in storage and would be more than happy to get rid of them.

▲Ask for Clothing as Birthday and Christmas Gifts
During Christmas and birthday time, I'm pretty sure you usually already have your kids toy "needs" sorted out. Do they really need MORE toys from all their grandparents and aunts and uncles too? If you have a super large family like I do, your family can stock your kids closet for another season or more!

▲Borrow Clothing
If your child needs an outfit for a one-time event, then consider borrowing what you need instead buying. This is an especially good idea when your child is involved in a special event that might require a costly outfit like a wedding, recital, school dance or pageant.

▲Enter Giveaways and Contests
Follow bloggers who specialize in promoting giveaways and keep up with your favorite kid's clothing brands and stores on social media to always in the know about giveaways and contests for free clothing and gift cards. Entering is often a breeze and can require as little effort as sharing a link.

Do you have any great ideas about obtaining free kid's clothes?
Tell me all about it in a comment below!

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