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12 Hardcore Ways to Avoid Drama

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We all know the basic rules for living a drama free life: don't gossip and treat others the way you would like to be treated; but whether you realize it or not, there are seemingly harmless things we do almost everyday that can stir up some mad drama. I'd like to dive in a little deeper into more specific ways to keep the peace in your life.

Many of these pieces of advice are from my own mistakes and some are from incidents I've witnessed other people struggle with. 

▲If someone dumps a load of unwanted gossip on you about someone else's business and then they ask, "And how are you?" reply "I'm fine", and avoid sharing your personal business with them at all costs. Seriously, like, run away.

▲If you're trying to tell a story about something that has happened to someone and you don't have all the details, don't fill in the gaps! This is one way rumors get started! Instead, simply say you don't have all the details, (assuming it's a topic you're allowed to discuss with other people).

▲Let go of the idea: "You gotta give respect, to get respect." The respect has to begin somewhere, so let it start with you. Respect everyone.

▲If someone suddenly starts being nice to you, it's ok to be a little leery but be always nice back. There's a chance they're actually trying to be a better person and could use some compassion. One more good person in your life is a good thing!

▲If you suspect you've hurt someone's feelings, contact that person immediately and apologize for what you think you did wrong. There's a great chance your suspicions were right and they will be very grateful for your consideration and apology. This is a great way to stop drama before it even starts.

▲Although your social media account is your little piece of personal internet real estate, never use it to express negative feelings about your family, spouse, job, boss, co-workers, etc. Irresponsible social media posts are the biggest drama starters of our generation! C'mon folks. Get it together.

How to live a drama free life. How to eliminate drama in your life. how to avoid drama in a relationship, how to avoid drama with family, how to get out of drama at school, avoiding other people's drama, how to avoid drama at work, staying away from drama quotes, how to deal with a drama queen at work,
▲Don't make passive aggressive posts on social media about your disapproval for a certain person's
lifestyle or actions. The wrong person might think you're talking about them and, boom, you've just made a new enemy. Instead, keep your thoughts to yourself, or talk to that person in private if you feel there's a significant issue that needs to be addressed such as endangering a child or self harm.

▲If someone begins a conversation with, "Jane Doe told me not to tell but..." end the conversation immediately and kindly remind that person that they were asked to keep a secret and that they should honor that.

▲Never, ever, ever, ever flirt with someone else's significant other even if you're joking or if they're flirting back. A jealous lover can destroy your life or at the very least will throw a fish tank through your windshield. (I've totally witnessed this.)

▲Forgive and forget. Do not hold grudges against someone for petty offenses. Let it go. Grudges will only cause you to treat someone poorly even if they're a genuinely good person who simply made a mistake.

▲Be choosey about your friends. In terms of friendship, always pick quality over quantity. You don't have to be friends with every single person you meet. It's ok to stay away from someone you can sense will be no good for you. Keep good, honest, peace-loving people near and keep your distance from drama queens and trouble makers.

▲Never seek revenge for any offense. Let God (or karma or the law) take care of that for you. Revenge only prolongs drama and creates more!

Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share with anyone seeking to avoid drama?
Share in a comment below!


  1. Good points Hollie. Ah yes, best to avoid those who talk about others negatively. Sometimes you can't avoid it if you are at lunch with co-workers. I just avoid chiming in.

  2. All good advice! Drama makes enjoying life harder. Once I identify the leaders of it, I keep my interactions with them to a minimum. Besides, I don't have much to be dramatic about, except my big hair and too much eyeshadow. I'm gonna keep it that way!

  3. Great ideas. Lovely to bring them all together. I have a keyring that says "no drama" and also one the reminds me to listen to hear and not to respond. One of the best pieces of advice I've every had. #dreamteam

  4. Some really good points, definitely agree with friends - quality over quantity x


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