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People's Choice Beef Jerky!!! {A massively tasty review}

People's Choice Beef Jerky review. Gourmet beef jerky. Unique beef jerky.
When the FedEx guy "ding-dong-ditched" my house and left this box of treats at my doorstep I didn't know what to expect. I picked up the box and was amazed with how heavy it was. What on Earth could be in that box? I was thinking maybe the packing filler was making it heavy but, nope. I opened it up to find that it was chocked full of jerky. Not sample sizes - I'm talking full-sized bags of jerky. My jaw hit the floor since I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. A giant box full of jerky. What more could a girl ask for?

 Knowing that I would not be able to eat all that jerky by myself I decided to be nice and shared with my husband. Over the next few evenings (after the kids were asleep) we drink wine, watched American Dad on Netflix and sampled jerky. 
We bonded over jerky. It was so romantic.

The jerky is handmade by People's Choice, a family owned and operated business in Los Angeles, CA. Their jerky is 100% USA beef and crafted using the Bianchetti family's traditional recipes as well as new flavors from their Tasting Kitchen.  By the way, the flavors featured in the Tasting Kitchen will change every so often so make sure to snag 'em up before they're gone!

Please note: the jerky boxes they offer are not subscription boxes so if you buy, don't expect to have another box show up on your doorstep next month. You can buy individual bags of jerky from their site but People's Choice have been nice enough to package them into themed boxes that are perfect for indecisive shoppers (like me) and gift-giving .


Carne Seca Limon Beef Jerky by People's Choice.

Ok, so my top pick out of the box was this Carne Seca Limon jerky. The texture is chewy but has a almost a crunch to it. It's definitely an "eating" jerky and not one of those you have to chew for days before you can swallow. The lemon gives the jerky a bright zippy flavor but it's not overwhelming.  It's juuuust right.

Orange Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky by People's Choice

My runner up out of the box was the Orange Honey Teriyaki. This is a triple threat jerky - all three flavors stand out on their own and they are POWERFUL. The jerky is very sweet and sticky so stay away if you're not into that kind of stuff - but this right here folks, it's soft and it melts in your mouth like a candy. I think I'll dub this one "The Dessert Jerky".

Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky by People's Choice

My husband's favorite was the Garlic Ginger. There's no "hint of flavor" here. The flavors on this one are so robust it'll make you go "WOW!" out loud. The texture is nice and chewy but I would like to see this jerky be sticky sweet like the Orange Honey Teriyaki jerky, but it's just fine the way it is.   

People's Choice Beef Jerky review. Gourmet beef jerky. Unique beef jerky.

Other flavors in the box include the People's Choice Original, Teriyaki and Hot & Spicy flavor in beef sticks, chewy old fashioned style and big slab  classic (like leather) style.
And let me mention something very important about those beef sticks - you won't find any weird orange grease in them like those other jerky companies. Good to know yeah?

There was also Sriracha (super hot!!), Sweet Chili Habanero (husband ate that up before I got a chance to taste it) and Carne Seca Limon Chili. I'm actually munching on that right now. It's chewy and not too spicy and the flavors are spot on.

People's Choice Beef Jerky review. Gourmet beef jerky. Unique beef jerky.

People's Choice Beef Jerky review. Gourmet beef jerky. Unique beef jerky.

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Box Includes:
Old Fashioned Original
Old Fashioned Hot & Spicy
Carne Seca Limón
Carne Seca Limón con Chile
Tasting Kitchen Sriracha
Tasting Kitchen Garlic Ginger
Tasting Kitchen Sweet Chili Habanero
Tasting Kitchen Orange Honey Teriyaki
Classic Teriyaki
Classic Hot & Spicy
Classic Original
+ 1 FREE 100% Beef Stick Teriyaki 
+ 1 FREE 100% Beef Stick Hot & Spicy 
+ 1 FREE 100% Beef Stick Original 


Use code "QUIRKYMAMA29" at checkout to receive 15% off your order!!!

Click the image below to read about the Bianchetti family and how their awesome jerky business came to be!
People's Choice Beef Jerky review. Gourmet beef jerky. Unique beef jerky.

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