Painted Denim Inspiration

DIY Hand Painted Jeans by Laura

I've been coming across a lot of painted denim on Pinterest lately and I love the look so much that I decided to do a post to share what I've found!

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Bursting Blossoms
This is, without a doubt, my favorite paint job. I loooove how the flowers are in front of and behind the simple white frame to give the painting depth and life.

Splatter Paint Jeans | iLoveToCreate
The Artist
If you DIY then you probably have a pair of jeans that already look like this!
I actually like this look. I don't see it as "posing as a painter", I see it as "abstract art on denim".

Van Gogh's Starry Night painted in acrylic on a denim jacket. I've been wanting to try this for a while and I'm so happy with the result #Jackets
The Starry Night
The back of a denim jacket is the perfect blank canvas for recreating your favorite work of art!

Hand painted denim of our dreams
Get Funky
You don't have to be an amazing painter to do abstract art. Just relax, don't think too hard, and let the patterns flow.

@Karamaxwellart Hand Painted Sunflowers on Denim Overalls #sunflowers #custom #diy #overalls #summertime #style #fashion #upcycle #painting #art #unique #gifts
Sunny Sunflowers
Painting sunflowers might not be the easiest thing to do but it sure would look adorable in the summertime on both little girl's and women's clothing!

NEU Viva Decor Inka Textilfarbe, 50ml, Gold - Viva Decor Inka Textil Metallic Stoffmalfarben & Stifte Stoffmalerei Textiles Gestalten Produkte -
Metallic Accents
Rub metallic paint on the seams, bumps, and ridges of your jeans to create cool shimmering highlights!

Outfit - Tatum Bitterling
Eye See You
This is a fun and simple way to add a bit of quirkiness to a denim jacket; you could also so something a little less offbeat like stars or heart. If you're into making your own bold statement consider something like two lips or two words.

embellished denim for guys too. koi and motifs inspired by Chinese porcelain. #diypantsdenim
You're So Koi!
The artwork on this denim jacket is amazing! Take inspiration from this jacket and consider recreating other culture's traditional art styles like those from Africa and South America.

DIY Hand Painted Jeans by Laura
Easy Peasy
Not good with painting? Try stencils! Click on the image above to get to a great tutorial on how to create this look.

Hand Painted Trippy Neon Denim Vest by VirginiaCustomDesign, $25.00
Freestyle Mandala
Tap into your creativity and go crazy creating your own mandala. Drawing mandalas can be a little tricky, so be sure to draw and practice your design before painting! 
Not comfortable with freehanding a mandala? Get a stencil

So, what do you think?
Which idea is your favorite?
Let me known in a comment below!

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