QBM's January 2019 Blog Link Up Party: New Year, New You

January 2019 Blog Link Up Party: Self  Improvement.  2019 Blog Hop Link Party. Submit blog posts 2019.

January 2019 Blog Hop

I think this is the third time in my life I've made New Year's Resolutions.
I usually don't make them because I'm just so darn forgetful, but this year I feel that I have a lot that I really should do... like super important things.
'Lay off the wine' and 'lose weight' are on the top of the list. Those are common resolutions, but when you've got almost 100lbs to shed, it's kiiiiiiind of an important priority.
I also have important things like 'get my eyes checked' and go finally get my broken molar fix. I have a bad habit of being too chill about my health and I've been neglecting myself for so long; 2019 needs to be a year of healing or else I'm going to end up blind, toothless and/or in an early grave.

I also plan to finish my first book, let go of projects that are making no money and only draining time, get out of the house more, be a little more enthusiastic about... sigh... homeschooling, and study up on Christian theology and world history.

Oh, yeah! One more important thing! One of my resolutions is to do a blog link up party here every month!

Since we've all got resolutions on the brain, I'd like to start with a roundup of self-improvement blog posts by you guys!


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► Don't be a link dumper. Please don't leave your link and run away.  Play nice and check out other people's blog posts. This benefits all of us. Not only are you supporting your fellow bloggers but if you leave a link to your blog in a comment, that's considered a backlink and that helps drive traffic to your blog!

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  1. Hi I'm Hannah from Wild and Growing. Recently started a blog as part of my marketing funnel plan for my etsy and Teachers pay Teachers store. However we, my boyfriend and I, also plan on starting an educational youtube channel that discusses topics about the outdoors and nature so a blog is the perfect accompany to that. I heard about this link up party from the facebook group share tips and tricks blogs. I'm currently in Kauai, Hawaii for the winter and will be sharing blog posts and videos of our time here! Check out my recent blog posts.


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