Bohemian Summer Dresses... With POCKETS!

Bohemian Summer Dresses... With POCKETS!

Bohemian dresses with pockets.

You know that happy feeling you get with you buy a dress, try it on and discover that is has POCKETS? Well, now you have that feeling that all the time! 

These fabulous dresses are beautiful, easy breezy and have places for you to put stuff!

See, I rarely wear pants in public and I don't really do skirts. I'm a dress girl AND I'm a lip balm addict so sometimes I have to stick my lip balm in my bra if I don't want to carry a purse with me. So, that means I have to sneak off somewhere just to moisturize my lips. Ugh, so lame. And where do I have to put my phone? Well, where do you think? Sigh.
If you're like me and you're tired of hauling heavy purses or using your bosom as storage, then come check out my picks for dresses with pockets below!

tie dye bohemian summer dress with pockets
This tie dye print maxi comes in many different colors and patterns and would look awesome with simple sandals or ankle boots.

boho cute summer dress with pockets
This comfy dress would totally be one of my go-to dresses when I need to dash out of the house to go run a quick errand. Just slip it on, put on some flip flops and dash away!

boho bohemian summer dress with pockets
Depending on how leggy you are, this dress would make a fabulous dress for the office if it doesn't fit to short on you. For a dressier look, I'd pair it with some funky leopard print pumps!  I know it sounds crazy but I think it'd look great together.

boho hippie bohemian tie dye dress with pockets
Break out the Birkenstocks and hemp jewelry because this tie dye dress is absolutely hippietastic! Slip it on over a bathing suit or wear any-darn-where with some comfy rope sandals and be adorable no matter what.

comfortable bohemian dress with pockets
I think this is one of my favorite dresses on the list! I love the style, I love the color and those pockets ain't no joke! Comes in 5 other fabulous colors.  

pink bohemian summer wedding dress with pockets
I'm not a fan of off-shoulder dresses but I've found that most of them can be worn on the shoulders just fine. I'm sure I'd wear this dress that way with some brown leather sandals and a long wood bead necklace or two. And hey, luck you! This dress comes in several other colors and patterns.

bohemian dress with pockets
This dress looks so comfortable I wonder if I could get away with going braless under it? HA! No. Not me. It would also look amazing with a cardigan, over leggings and boots in the fall. It also comes in pine green and navy blue.

bohemian sundress with pockets
Of course I'd wear a tank top under this to cover up the boobage, but this dress looks like the pockets could hold some lip balm AND a few pieces of candy! It's also available in a dusty lavender color too!


Which dress is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below!



  1. the same one as you...the light gray one with the oversize pockets!

  2. I like the hippie-tastic one!! And they are all fun :)

  3. The comfy dress is my favorite. Pockets are a deal breaker for me when looking at dresses.

  4. **WHY** do you only review and have links to clothes in smaller sizes??? Guess what?? Not all of us are stick thin.😑

  5. Wow, I'm just now seeing this comment. Well, I'm a size 20 myself so I understand your frustration but please keep in mind that these are the only affordable boho summer dresses with pocket on Amazon. It's slim pickins my dear. Please check out my other fashion posts. There's something for everyone. :)


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