50 Fun Would You Rather Questions for Moms

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I looooove doing these "would you rather" posts. I crack myself up so hard creating them and I'm all up for doing something for hours that makes me laugh.... (even if it's me making myself laugh.)
I usually just do a gift guide post for Mother's Day but I wanted to offer something more creative and fun. So here we go. Grab a few girlfriends, break out the wine and have a blast answering these hilarious "would you rather" questions made just for moms. ENJOY!


...watch a 24 hour non-stop Peppa Pig marathon or sing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song 1,000 in a row?

...allow your child to eat whatever they want for every meal until they're 18 or let them get a giant regrettable tattoo when they're 12?

...decorate your entire home with your toddler's drawings or let them paint their own room any color they want?

...accidentally break a priceless artifact at a museum and let your kid take the blame or your kid break the priceless artifact and you take the blame?

...your kid take your diary to show-and-tell or your collection of Fifty Shades books to church?

...never drink wine again or never drink coffee again?

...breastfeed your kid until they're 16 or have them completely stop aging in mind and body at 2 years old?

...eat 5 jars of baby food spaghetti or give your toddler a shot of espresso?

...take an 8 hour flight with your colicky infant or dine at the fanciest restaurant in the world with your super picky toddler?

...your child be the reason his/her team always loses or the reason his team always wins because s/he cheats?

...be able to get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night or your child get straight As on every report card?

...have your child blow his /her nose into your shirt or your bare hands?

...have your toddler cut their own hair or have him/her cut your hair?

...give your 16 year old a racehorse or a brand new Ferrari?

...get stuck in an elevator with all of your kids who are very hungry for 5 hours or get stuck in an elevator with your celebrity crush who has terrible gas for 3 hours?

...punish your child for punching a teacher by excluding them from an upcoming Disney trip or take away their cellphone for 5 years?

...send your daughter to prom in a burka or enter your son in a girl's beauty pageant?

...feed your family only raw carrots or Big Macs for every meal?

...hire a super strict nanny or a family chef who has no taste buds?

...drink everything from a baby bottle or wear diapers for the rest of your life?

...your toddler wet him/herself on Queen Elizabeth's lap or vomit on the Pope's robes?

...have a baby who poops 10 times a day or a teenager who refuses to bathe?

...decide your unborn child's gender or their hair color?

...give birth alone in the woods or give birth on stage in front of an audience of 1,000 strangers?

...have a child who is a genius or a child who is extremely well behaved?

...give your child $1,000 or 100-lbs of candy for their brithday?

...your child pierce their own eyebrow or pierce yours?

...have a toddler who talks like Elmo or Stewie from Family Guy?

...write a 50 page book report on the Canterbury Tales for your 11th grader or be pregnant for 10 months?

...your son grow up to be the worst NFL player of all time or the worst NFL coach of all time?

...be able to know when your child is lying or hear all of their thoughts?

...take a 3-day road trip with a brooding, moody teenager or an 5-hour bus ride with a teething infant?

...read a 500 page book about how to be a good parent or write a 500 page book about all of your parenting mistakes?

...your teenager forget to wear deodorant for a week during the hottest days of summer or not wear a coat for a week in the coldest days of winter?

...your kid pee in your bed or you pee in your kid's bed?

...eat all of your kid's Halloween candy every year or never take them trick-or-treating again? 

...have a tree the grows $5 bills only in the spring or a tree that grows fully cooked gourmet meals year-round?

...give one of your kids a $100 gift or give all of your kids a $1 gift?

....coach your child's soccer team or be on your kid's soccer team?

...your child grow up to never make more than $30,000 a year or your child become rich and famous for doing something that's horrifically embarrassing to you?

...fall asleep on the beach for 3 hours and get severely sun burnt or your child accidentally set the school on fire?

...share an ice cream cone with a stray dog or drink a cup of your own breast milk?

...have a set of twins who only communicate with each other in their own language or octuplets who sing everything they say?

...have a 4 year old who stands 6-ft tall or one that weighs 300-lbs?

...your high-schooler be voted "Most Likely to Rob a Bank" or "Most Likely to Drop Out of College"?

...clean all the bathrooms in your house with one single paper towel or hand-wash a pile of laundry with no soap?

...share your bed with all of your kids for a year or have to do all of their homework for a year?

...all of your children be vampires or zombies?

... feed your family cat food tacos or dog food chili for dinner?

...publicly announce which child is your favorite or let one of your kids slap you in the face for a $50 reward?

Which questions did you find most difficult to answer?
Do you have one to add?
Let me know in a comment below!


Would you rather: mom edition. Mother's Day games. Would your rather for moms. Funny would you rather game. Would you rather for women. #mothersday #wouldyourather #funny

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