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Like I mentioned a post before, one of my New Year's resolutions for my blog is to talk more about myself. Oh, calm down. I'm not a narcissist. It was requested by many people that I talk more about myself and my bohemian lifestyle. So in this post, I'd like to share with you what the Quirky Bohemian Mama likes to do in her spare time.

Listen to Music & Dance, Dance, Dance
I've been super into samba music lately. I guess you could even say I'm addicted. I crave the sound of it and it makes me move! When the music starts hitting me just right, I like to sit on an exercise ball at my desk and bounce and dance as I work. If the music is too good, I'll get up and dance it out. Yeah, I take a lot of dance breaks. I mostly listen to world music I like to imitate the style of dance that goes with the music. I belly dance to Arabic music (I can actually belly dance), I try to Bollywood style dance to Indian pop, I even like to try to dance flamenco and salsa. I've actually been taking the time to learn Russian Gypsy skirt dancing though! I'm not a fan of performing, but I'll do it if I have to.

Me performing at the Texarkana Pirate's Ball 2016

Draw Comics
Funny thoughts and situations pop into my mind while I'm working and I have to get them out - so I created my own comic strip to get my sillies out. I'm not the best artist in the world, but I can do enough to get by. I'm not aiming to be a professional comic artist or anything like that. I just want to share my laughs with you.

Go to Festivals
No, not those overpriced, weed-fogged, hula-hooping music festivals. I love going to local community festivals especially our food festivals and new annual wine festival. I love shopping for local arts and crafts and sampling tasty local foods. This weekend is Mardi Gras and since I'm not in the parade this year I will be able to enjoy shopping and eating all day long and I'm so excited I'm shaking!

Play Dress Up
I can't resist any event that requires or encourages dressing up in a costume. I have a huge collection of various blouses, skirts, dresses and accessories that can be mixed a matched in thousands of ways to create any kind of costume you could possibly imagine. I rarely have to buy anything to create a costume and if I do, I love to challenge myself to spend as little as possible. It's super fun for me if it's an affair where I get to dress up my entire family! I participate in the annual renaissance faire I created (but no longer own) and I like to go to other faires, participate in parades and of course any Halloween event where adults are encouraged to dress up.

Play the Ukulele & Drums
I don't get to do it much, maybe a couple times a month but it's very fun and relaxing to me. I've only been playing for a few months so I'm no Tiny Tim, but I can read tabs and chords charts just fine.  I love the sound of the ukulele and even the smell of it. Yeah, I know I'm weird. At least once a month, I like to do family music night where I play my ukulele and the kids play their ukuleles or percussion instruments like bongos and tambourines.

I also really enjoy playing hand drums and percussion instruments. Any kind! I prefer to play the doumbek and I am very skilled with zills. I learned to play about ten years ago on a djembe and I own many kinds of instruments including aslatuas and my my recent addition, the slaptop cajon (see below).
What are my hobbies? What kind of hobbies do bohemians have?

Write Novels & Screenplays For Myself
I am a terrible writer but I'm a good storyteller. I understand how scripts work, but I don't know how to properly format a screenplay myself. I write out my story ideas and keep them to myself. Plots pop into my head randomly and just like with my comics, I have to get it out. I'll start writing until I run out of ideas and then I'm satisfied. I don't care about finishing, I just care about getting it all out to see if my plot holds any water and is worth perusing. I'll revisit the stories and read them for my own entertainment. I've started dozens of stories but I've only finished a few. I'm not even sure if I'd ever try to have them published but if I did, they would need A LOT of editing.

I don't actually write with that. It's the only pic I have of myself that's relevant to writing.

Watch Infotainment Videos
I LOVE to learn and I love to laugh and when you put the two together I am one happy Hollie. I get my daily dose of laughter and knowledge from great YouTube channels like 101Facts, Matthew Santoro, List25 and Be Amazed

YouTube Channel, List 25

What do you like to do for fun?
What are your hobbies?
 Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. Love it! I belly dance, I play the uke (not often enough to be great at it though!), I love music, and I am always eager for an excuse to be in a costume or to take in some kind of festival. So we've got a few things in common!


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