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Little known fact about me: I've always wanted to have my own comic strip.
Many years ago in my early twenties I tried to make a comic strip about me and my BFF at the time but I just didn't have anything to talk about. Now I'm 32, married with kids and boy, oh, boy I've got some crap to get of my chest. Hee hee!!!
My drawing style isn't very refined and I hardly consider myself to be an artist. I just like to draw funny stuff! I'm going for a raw look as I feel it's more "me". I'm wacky, messy, I'm not perfect and I feel that my drawing style matches that just right.
My goal for 2018 is to release 1-2 new comics a month. I'm not striving to become a professional comic artist or anything like that. I'm just wanting to bring to life a little idea of mine.
So here's my first comic, inspired by a real motivational quote I found online a few weeks ago. It perfectly sums up how 2017 went for me.

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