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Hey, party people! I just wanted to stop by to let you all know about something super cool.
I started a new site called Oh, My! That’s Interesting! That's why things have been a little quiet around here. 
Oh, My! That’s Interesting is an educational discovery site for people of all ages that feature answers to life's most random questions. Questions like, "Who was Billie Jean?", "Can an American Be Knighted?", and "Are Flamingo Egg Yolks Pink?".

I research the answers to odd questions and present them in short, straight-to-the-point posts splashed with a little bit of humor. In addition to daily articles, every Tuesday I share ten completely random facts in a series I call, 10 Facts Tuesday

I started this site about four weeks ago almost on a whim. There was some planning involved, but it was mostly just a little brainstorming and a "just freaking do it, already!" moment. 
I looooove learning new things, especially quirky history and strange facts and everytime I find out something super fascinating I feel the urge to share the info with everyone I know. So instead of filling up my Facebook newsfeed with random facts or bombarding my husband with stuff I've just learned, I collect all in one site.

I'm  looking for contributors too!
If you've recently discovered something fascinating, I'd love for you to share it on my blog!
Posts need to be at least 150 words long
Include a list of sources at the bottom
Already proofread and spell checked
Family friendly with no profanity
A little humor is always a plus!

This is not a paying gig, but I will make sure to include links to your websites, blogs and social media accounts so readers can learn more about you and follow you as well! 
Contact me at ohmythatsfascinating@gmail.com for more info!

You can find my new site on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!


  1. Thanks for clarifying the new post. I thought it was just my bad electronic mojo.


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