Meet Hollie Black-Ramsey, Social Media Virtual Assistant! (That's me!)

Meet Hollie Black-Ramsey, Social Media Virtual Assistant! (That's me!)
Yay! I adulted today!
Oh, my gosh you guys. I did a thing!
I started my own social media management business!
But why you ask? Well, I'll tell you.
I run a Facebook page called Events in Texarkana. On this page I post (you guessed it) events in Texarkana. I follow hundreds of local businesses on Facebook and when I see them post an event I share it with my 5,000 followers.
What motivated me to start this businesses is one particular local annual event that has not been updating their Facebook page or website for that matter. The event is rather large but their attendance in vendors and patrons is declining due to lack of advertising. They do a TV commercial, but with their target audience being youngsters who depend heavily on social media to get updates about local happenings, that's just not enough.
I offered to create a Facebook event page for them and several days later they replied 'yes please'. I was more than happy to do it for them. I'm not sure what's happening in their neck of the woods that's creating such a lack of social media interaction, but they clearly need help. I'm sure you think of a few businesses like that as well.

This isn't the first time I've reached out to help an event advertise. I've even taken it upon myself to create pages and post updates for events on my page without them knowing. I hate seeing events and businesses fail and if I can do anything to help, I will.
I would continue to do these things for free but it takes time - time I need to be using to help bring more money into my household.

I started offering a few of my services on Fiverr but after having my gigs pulled twice I gave up. Yes, even though I have a 5-star rating, someone was reporting my gigs for policy violations. I'm not even sure what I did wrong and I asked but I didn't get a very satisfying answer. I'm under the impression someone was reporting me to eliminate competition. If Fiverr is the kind of site that has sore losers on there like that, then it's just not worth my time.

Meet Hollie Black-Ramsey, Social Media Virtual Assistant! (That's me!)
My new site!

I have tons of experience with social media management. I created my town's annual renaissance faire and today in our sixth year, our Facebook page has almost 5,000 likes and our Pinterest page has 8,000 followers, more than ANY renaissance faire using Pinterest for marketing! These numbers may not sound impressive to you, but most of the the people in our town hadn't even heard of a renaissance faire six years ago. I have hosted many successful events and about 95% of my advertising is through social media.

My main money-maker is this blog and like most blogs, the majority of my traffic comes from social media shares, especially Pinterest! Think about it, have you ever seen a television commercial or newspaper ad for a blog? I think I can safely say your answer is 'no'.  Social media is king for websites and without it we'd all be mailing out flyers and desperately leaving businesses cards on restaurant bulletin boards and public bathrooms counters. When you're trying to reach millions of people, that's just not going to fly.

Not understanding the purpose of social media or how it works is really no excuse to not have accounts for you business especially if you're struggling or just simply ready to grow. If you're not "with it" or "down" with the computers and all of these fancy websites, then let me help you!
Maybe you just don't have the time or maybe you just need a break. Drop me a line and tell me what you need. I'm here for you!

Meet Hollie Black-Ramsey, Social Media Virtual Assistant! (That's me!)
Fancy Screen Shot!

Like my new service on Facebook!

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  1. Congratulations on your new business! I love the new website you made. You're 100% correct, social media is PARAMOUNT for sales and it's an excellent niche to occupy right now with a lot of the older generation being willing to outsource it. I know you'll do well :D ! Maybe I can afford to hire you one day ;)


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