My 31st Birthday Cake Smash Photos!!

You know the photos. The cake smash for baby's first year? Never seen 'em? Sure you have!
So on baby's first birthday you're supposed to let them feed themselves their cake and allow them smash and smoosh it until there's nothing left and then they cry because they destroyed the cake. You take a few photos of the moment and there ya go. 
Some parents pay a pro photographer to stage it all and get great pics, but I'm waaaaay too cheap for something like that for my kids... or myself!

Anywho, I saw someone share an article on Facebook about a woman who did a cake smash photo session for her 30th birthday and I was super inspired. The photos were great but the woman in the photos didn't really look like she was having fun - she looking kind of bored and didn't really GET IN THERE you know what I mean? Her hands were barely in the icing. You gotta GET IIIIIN THERE. SMOOOOSH... WOOOORK IT.

It was ridiculously windy outside and overcast as well. There was just no way I could have done these photos outside successfully. We opened the blinds in the bedroom and tried several different angles that would give us the best lighting. The black and white photos were the ones that didn't do well with lighting editing so used a filter on Pic Monkey to try to hide how poorly the photos came out.

And wine! What's a birthday without wine!

But it's never cool when the wine runs out. 

My birthday was yesterday and I didn't really ask for anything, just some fried catfish from restaurant I haven't visited in years. I'm easy to please!

So would you do a cake smash for your birthday?
You should! It's super fun!

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  1. This made me so happy. So glad to see you are doing well.


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