Our DIY Edgar Allan Poe & Lenore Halloween Costumes

DIY Edgar Allan Poe & Lenore Halloween Costumes. DIY Edgar Allan Poe Costumes

 Last night me and the husband dressed up as Edgar Allan Poe and his long lost Lenore for Halloween.
At first we had no reason to dress up because our church hosts a fall festival and costume wearing is just for the kids... lame. But the day of Halloween  I was like, um - no. To heck with your sqauresville party. I wanna dress up. I NEED to dress up!
So I went in the closet, dumped out our costuming collection and BOOM... Poe and Lenore were born within minutes.

Edgar Allan Poe and Lenore Costume

▲▲ Husband's costume ▲▲
 Shirt from Civil war reenacting days, vest from 70s 3-piece, sash from a polyester 80s dress, slacks and dress shoes.

Edgar Allan Poe Costume

▲▲ My costume ▲▲
 A vintage robe sewn close in the front (worn for a Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd costume years ago), the skirt from one of my renaissance gowns, crinoline over a hoop, mom's necklace from when I was a wee tot and one of husband's belts.

Edgar Allan Poe and Lenore Costume

Edgar Allan Poe and Lenore Costume
The husband's make up is white setting powder, black eyeliner, matte brown and black eyeshadow, and matte magenta blush. The Raven (I think is really a crow) came from K-mart. We attached the bird to the husband's shoulder with strong magnets.
Edgar Allan Poe and Lenore Costume

We left the fall festival after eating and went to the mall but all their festivities were over... so we went to a book store coffee shop to flaunt our freakishness together as a family.

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