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20 Fun and Unusual New Year's Resolutions

Unique New Year's resolutions.  Fun and Unusual New Year's Resolutions to Make. Fun New Year's resolutions. new year resolution ideas. my new year resolution essay new year's resolution list. list of funny new year's resolutions fun new year's resolutions funny new year resolutions 2017 funny new year resolutions twitter new years humor best new year resolutions

Lose weight.
Get healthy.
Quit smoking.
Drink less alcohol.
Drink more water.
At some point I think almost all of us has made at least one the these resolutions. 
Not me, though. I'm a lazy weirdo with commitment issues... 
But if you're tired of making the same ol' resolutions every year that last only until January 15th of the new year, then try these resolutions instead.
20 unique resolutions to make for a fun and interesting new year.

▲Try 100 different kinds of beer.
There are over 2,500 breweries in the US and each make many different types of beers. You should have no problem finding 100 different beers. Keep track of all the beers you try by keeping a beer tasting journal.

▲Trade in your vehicle.
Go for something completely different in a totally different color (something still suited to your lifestyle of course).

▲Complete an entire puzzle book.
Ditch the Angry Birds and take a book of crossword or sudoku puzzles with you when you go handle your business... just like in the old days of low-tech pooping.

Start a petition to stop something that really freaking gets on your nerves.
You might not be successful at getting enough signatures to make anything happen, but at least you tried; and that in and of itself gives you the right to complain about said issue as much as you want. Me? I'm super bothered that King of the Hill isn't available on Netflix anymore. Petition time!

▲Get a super unique pet.
Like a hedgehog, tortoise, lobster, skunk, etc.

▲Never miss a community festival
No matter how big, small or weird it is.

▲Try at least 10 different types of ethnic cuisine.
There are 196 countries so unless you can afford to jet to 196 different restaurants you might want to check the yellow pages for a list of your town's ethnic restaurants. Can't find anything? Check the surrounding areas or look into cooking some dishes yourself.

▲Get the heck out of debt.
Change your spending habits, get a second job, cancel your credit cards, - do whatever you must to gain your financial freedom. Need some help? Check out my post "The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money Like an EXTREME CHEAPSKATE!".

▲Try aaaaall the ice cream flavors.
I'll leave this open for you to decided how you wanna do this. Try all the flavors at the grocery store, local ice cream shop, in your city or in the world!

 Are you in a romantic relationship that's headed nowhere?  You're both sick to death of each other, there's hardly any commitment and things are just dragging on and on? Call it quits.

▲Learn dance.
Flamenco, ballet, belly dance, Irish step dance, ballroom, hip hop etc. Pick one or try them all and have fun! Remember: you're never too old, too fat or too out-of-shape to learn a new dance. If you're not comfortable signing up for classes, check YouTube or get some DVDs and learn in the comfort of your own home.

▲Discover a new genre of music.
There's SO much more out there than just rap, rock, R&B, country, and pop. Explore Pandora and Spotify for new genres or check out this list here. I'm super in love with gypsy jazz, Bollywood and Turkish pop music.

▲Never order the same meal twice at a restaurant.
This is probably the most difficult resolution on this list. I've been attempting to do this for years but when I see a mushroom swiss burger on any menu, I gotta have it.

▲Make every date completely different from the last. 
Looking for some fun ideas? Check out my post 20 Affordable, Hilarious and Quirky Date Ideas for Adults.

▲Quit that job you hate.
You don't have to work a job you hate to earn money. Quit, move on and find something else. Even better?  Start your own business right from your home.

Switch rooms with your roommate, move to a different apartment in the same complex, get a new house, move across town, etc. This is great to do to freshen up your life a little bit.

▲Get fancy!
Start putting more effort into your appearance. Stay dapper and dress like you're always headed somewhere special. I don't care who you are, male or female, young or old - looking good makes everyone feel good.

▲Do something different with your hair.... very different.
Every 3 months months or so, cut and/or color your hair to look dramatically different.

▲Join a dating website (um, only if you're single).
 Dating websites are fun! It's like shopping online for a new partner. You get to meet hundreds of new people without even having to leave your couch.

▲Celebrate every holiday on your calendar.
Even if it's not observed in your country, celebrate it some way, some how. There are a lot of holidays out there so brace yourself.

Have you made any unusual resolutions for the new year?
Share in a comment below!
Unique New Year's resolutions.  Fun and Unusual New Year's Resolutions to Make. Fun New Year's resolutions. new year resolution ideas. my new year resolution essay new year's resolution list. list of funny new year's resolutions fun new year's resolutions funny new year resolutions 2017 funny new year resolutions twitter new years humor best new year resolutions
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  1. Good advice... but I have trouble keeping these resolutions, especially the one about not ordering the same dish at a restaurant. I keep saying I'll order something new and just never do. Oh well...

  2. I like these a lot better than the ones I've been thinking about! Thinking maybe I'll change a few of my serious ones for some of these, it's all about balance!

  3. This is fun! Maybe I'll try a "Drink of the Week" challenge this year and give my cocktail shaker a workout.

  4. I love these resolutions. I am going to try to do something new with my hair and also try to dress fancier! Thank you and happy new year!

  5. ooooh I love your unique list. I volunteer as tribute for the beer one, let's go! :) love the community festivals and many of the others here too :)

  6. Love these suggestions so much! I've been looking for ways to add more fun into my life. I'm such a bore! These ideas are just the thing to get me started. The never order the same meal twice thing is hard. I regret missing out on new things, but most of the time I'm disappointed by the new thing and wish I had ordered my old stand by. (This is possibly why I'm a bore...)


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